THIS CONCEPT is not very well understood at all.  It really can not be totally understood at all before you have had the experience of it yourself, because there are some things there are no adequate language to explain.  There is a saying by the great Spiritual scholar: Ram Dass; “To him who has had the experience, no explanation is necessary.  To him who has not had the experience, none is possible”.

“Astral Travel” is not the same as “Soul Travel”.  In some cases it my have been an “Out of Body Experience”.  Before I get into “Astral Travel”, I like to explain what have been unveiled to me about what is on the other side of the “veil”.  The Universal Consciousness through the Soul / Spark of Life, created both the Physical body and the Astral body for you.  The Physical body, you are aware of all the time.  The Astral body, you are not.  They are totally different, and have different purposes.  The Astral body is a form of interface between the Soul / Spark of Life / Universal Consciousness and the Physical body.  It is a form of cloud like substance that can also tighten up and take on the shape and looks of the Physical body, it is attached to.  It has no intelligence of its own, but are fed knowledge and memory through an attachment cord called the “Silvery Cord”.  This chord is about one inch thick and connected to the Physical body, where its memory and intelligence is.  This exchange of memories are quick, but often there is a disconnect between the knowledge gained by the Astral body and fed back to the Physical brain, and what the filtering in the Subconscious Mind allow to be fed up to Conscious memory and Conscious understanding.  Therefore, we are often not able to remember much from out Astral journeys.  And yes, you are having Astral journeys all the time, but do not remember much.  You may often think it is just a dream.  This “Silvery Cord” is very strong.  You can stretch it to travel a million miles within this perceived Universe, and it will not break.  The vibratory frequency of the Astral body lies within the frequency of the lower Astral worlds.  This is very close to ours, and can, in part, be observed if you use  a set of fourth {4th} generation Night Vision Goggles.

Assuming that you are able to do it, I will explain some of what you will see and experience out there.  First:  It is a wonderful and safe, exciting experience.  I have heard people say that if you are “out there”, and the cord brakes, you will die.  Also that we should not do it because if we are “out there”, the Physical body is empty and “demons” can come and “set up shop” in it, and occupy your body.  That is not so.  First of all, the cord will not break.  The only way you can get separated from the Physical body, is if the roof falls in and kill you at home.  Than you will get separated from the Physical body.  There are no “demons” to “set up shop” in your Physical body, without you having created them in your mind first.  Remember, the Physical body is never empty.  Let me ask, what is the Physical body?  It is a Mind Created illusionary Hologram, operating within the Physical material frequency range, subject to the Physical Laws of Physics.  The Mind / Soul essence / Consciousness which create the physical body is still “at home and minding the store”.  It is somewhat protective of its property.  Since you are the one who create your reality, any negative Thought Forms trying to interfere with the Master Plan you created, must also come from you.  I am not so sure if you will take my word for it, but your mind is likely full of negative Subconscious Mind Programs, and they are alive and active all the time.  These are the ones who are holding you back in your life.  If they are fed too strongly and allowed to be active, you have given them a low form of life and they can take on a life of their own.  These Thought Forms are the ones you will think of as “demons” and other negative impressions.  Once you start to travel in your Astral body, you will have nothing to worry about unless you have a lot of fear in your mind.  If so, you may see some of the things you are afraid of.  Creation in the Physical is difficult.  Creation outside of the Physical, by mind, is a lot easier.  Therefore you may much easier see things you are afraid of, or things you Love.  Also remember, if the Astral body is so far “out there” that you may “run out” of cord / Astral substance, you will snap back into your Physical body, and that will hurt.  You can ache all over after an experience like that.  There are many strange things out there to see, so do not be surprised over anything.  There are entities, animals and flying vehicles which will astound you.  You can also visualize and surround yourself with a bobble of bright white light.  That may give you a better feeling of security.  Negative Thought forms can not stand the vibration of pure Love, and will shy away from you, because they can often see that.  Remember, there is nothing out there that can be hurt.

The impressions and memory of what you see and experience is fed back to the Physical brain through the “Silvery Cord”.  It also feeds memory and impressions to the Soul / Spark of Life.  Everything is recorded.  When you start out “Astral traveling”, start out just practicing around your house.  Do not be afraid of hight.  There is nothing that can fall.  There is a learning curve here.  Always respect people’s privacy.  You may visit people, but only do it to their common areas.  Leave them alone in their private intimate moments.  If you start visiting people during inappropriate moments, you may develop a block in your mind, and it may make it more difficult to travel later – – because you know it is wrong.  This is not a pass-time that should be taken lately.   It is serious Spiritual Growth.  Because of what you will learn doing this, you will have a very short distance to “Enlightenment”.  Remember, when you start doing this, DO NOT brag about it to your friends.  They might believe you {though unlikely}, but they will not understand.  It will set up barriers around you.  You may push some of your friends away from you.  Until you are ready for a new set of friends, do not “burn bridges”.  Your true friends, family, life partner, lover, companion, should be someone you can share everything with.  They should lift you up and support you in going after more Spiritual growth.  Do not settle for second best.  You are an immensely powerful Spiritual being, with NO limitations except for the ones you create for yourself.  It is not only you, but there are people who fit this criteria, and you know you will find them if you look.  I am sorry {not really} but this got rather lengthy.  It get this way when I write without notes directly from the “Mind” – – besides I was re-writing, with additions, an earlier Blog I did on Facebook.  The techniques of actual “Astral Travel”, I will wait with until a later post.  This will give some background to think about.  I wrote a Blog a few days ago, in this forum, about doing a Mind Experiment.  Go and try it.  It will give you the tip of the iceberg of the sensations of “Astral Travel”.  It is not that hard to learn, BUT it takes practice.  Some people catch on like “ducks to water”, and others may practice for a long time.  It is to a great extent tied to the vibration of YOU, what you think, believe and understand of it, and what you expect.  You may do yourself a favor, and shorten down your practice time by reading my book : “Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access The Universal Consciousness”.  Reading this, you will have a lot more understanding of the Universe and the Universal Consciousness, which creates it all.  It will make things easier for you.  You will find it on Amazon at:


There are also others who teach Astral Travel.  Check out this web site:  https://jefffinley.org/obe/

In the words of Yoda:  “May the Force be with you”.