THIS PHOTO IS PART OF A VIDEO I have seen. It was taken by a man who came upon a disc sitting in the woods like this. He walked up to it with his Video Phone running, and got some really good footage – – before his abduction – – the question is:  What kind of Gravity Nullification system are they using ?

A lot of you are not grasping these concepts of negative energy, electrostatic fields versus electric fields, electrostatic CURRENT versus electromagnetic current, and electric current versus electrostatic current.  It confuses you that a static (not moving) field can be in motion in a current.

In my Tesla tower experiment, I tapped two points on the ground, one in the yard from the big Tesla tower, and another point on the ground right outside my house from the inside smaller Tesla “console” as described on the Tesla Engineering Physics page.

Originally, the ground was tapped under the tower using a thin brass ground rod, but the console at the other end just had one end of a copper wire stuck in the ground.  The bottom of the 4 foot coil was touching a contact plate on the floor, and from that plate ran a wire to the outside of the house, stuck in the ground.  The other end of the coil went up to the thin metal squirrel cage with a hollow copper sphere attached to it.

A wire from the top of the big coil from the Tesla tower in the yard ran high up in the air to the eves of my house, and went inside and connected to the hollow copper sphere sitting on top of and in the middle of the metal disk (thin squirrel cage) at the top of the 4 foot coil in my living room.  I’ll illustrate:

Console (receiving / transmitting pedestal, depending on its use) on the left.

Tower on the two right images.

It was all powered naturally from the Earth surface charge of the ground.  Due to the material of the ground rods, I could measure the voltage, and raise the volts up and down, as I raised coils or squirrel cages up and down.  On the center picture, the image to the right:  the squirrel cage could be raised or lowered to control voltage.  When I ran the AA battery from console to tower, the COIL could be raised up and down to control the current.  The AA battery ran one end out to tower via the wire, and the other end went to ground outside the house, connected right into the console, and measured at the tower.

Now, when the tower was grounded to the rod, which you can see in the middle photo, the little hollow 1.5 inch copper ball sitting on top of a thin brass ground rod, in the middle of the picture.  The tower did not have to be grounded to the rod, in order for there to be voltage in the tower, due to the nature of the static capacitor plates below the large squirrel cage, transmitting the Earth surface energy to my large coil.

But, when it was connected into the ground rod, then at the console end, there you see the two big spheres, but two smaller spheres on both ends of a small brass rod is in between the two larger outer spheres.  Those two smaller spheres connected together via the brass rod ran through a piece of wood on a swivel, so I could rotate that assembly to close the gap or open the gap.

Normally, there was a tiny spark gap between each large sphere and their neighboring smaller spheres.  Tiny gap.  I could rotate the spark gap to fully open, or fully closed (but it was never truly closed because it had a 1 millimeter gap).  When the tower is grounded, I could open the spark gap on the console and notice two things:

A massive electrostatic charge that I did not even want to get close to would form around the console.  It felt very tingly, and very dangerous.  At the tower end, it felt much different.  It felt like electrical water.  Seriously.  Not like electrostatic dangerous charge, but like an electrical water — which is a different kind of electrostatic field.  I consider it as a field of Earth electrical chi, because that is the best way to explain it.

The voltage always remained the same because there was no usable magnetic wave; no usable magnetic signature, no ability for there to form an electromagnetic field.  I tried it.  This electrostatic field was not in motion to create an electromagnetic current.  Although . . . . .     I could run this electrostatic charge along a wire.   That is the weird part.

Since then, I’ve changed out my ground rods, used bigger rods, etc, of dissimilar metals to create electromagnetic current — so now, it’s polarized, and able to move around; however, it was able to move around from the get-go, but now, it’s polarized.   Simply put:  The electrostatic current needed to be polarized, so that an electromagnetic current could form.

I cannot put this any simpler.  This is the basis of the new Tesla tower Ley-line experiments, which I have a lot of data, and a lot of schematics, that I’m not going to post up online for free, because I want credit for the work.  Already, others are using some of my signed images …   and charging money to use them in their lectures.

This is why I’ve held back a lot, and waited until I had more data accumulated, to make a good presentation, so I can fund further development toward warp drive creation.

​I still have a lot of tests I need to perform to map all this out.

Electric fields versus electrostatic fields and current:

If you have a bare wire that is conducting high volts and high amps, you may not know it’s a live wire until you touch it, and then you get shocked; and if it’s very high current, it can be lethal.  You get shocked because of the presence of a magnetic aspect (electromagnetic) to the energy, and because of high voltage.  That wire is creating an electric field.  However, an electrostatic field, you can feel it before you even get close to it.

Lightning is electrostatic in that when it hits nearby, you can feel the energy field from it for quite a ways away!  Lightning is electrostatic, and can travel over a span as it discharges.  When it moves, it tends to have a magnetic quality to the wave but ….  not always.  However, lightning discharges that move around, or such electrostatic discharges from the top conductor of a Tesla coil to a nearby conductor moves energy from one point to another point, from point A to point B.  Point B can be run on a wire to a distant source, in a current of electrostatic energy; however pure electrostatic current will not harm you, because of a lack of magnetic polarization (electromagnetic polarization; presence of a magnetic field).

When lightning occurred nearby, I could measure a large voltage increase in my original Tesla tower setup.  But, I was not getting shocked when I touch it, because it was not polarized electric energy, even though lightning had induced  a high voltage in the system from lightning discharges in the air, somewhat nearby, but probably a lot farther away than it looked.  Also lightning would dance overhead the tower during storms, and the tower shielded the local area from taking direct lightning hits to ground.

I have yet to try this in the new Tesla tower Ley-line setup, which harnesses polarized electric energy.  What I mean by polarized is magnetically polarized.  So a normal electrostatic charge, you give it a magnetic polarization and it becomes a magneto-electrostatic charge.

As said above, electrostatic current could be run on a wire so that at the end of a long distance of wire from the tower, there was voltage measured at that end, measuring from the end of the wire to ground.  More voltage was measured when a resonance coil was connected to ground, and the end of wire measured relative to that coil.  The coil raised the frequency of the distant spot of ground (two distant points along the ground).

Frequency  in pulse motors is in regard to how frequently for example a spark would form in a spark gap (easy to explain this way).  Low frequency, the spark would arc say about in one second intervals.  Higher frequency, the spark is arcing much more rapidly, many times per second.  High frequency is virtually a steady stream — a virtual current of what resembles a steady spark, standing there (static; not moving), but can rise up two bare wires, in like a Jacob’s ladder type of setup, just from the collapse of an electromagnetic field in an electromagnetic coil.

Frequency is related to vibration.  All matter vibrates.  The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency.

In a resonance coil, it deals more so with vibration, but also with distance.  For example, a short resonance coil  versus a long resonance coil, having many more turns of wire, makes a higher frequency.  If you look a wave, with its ups and downs, the more times the wave crests up in a span of distance, will be the measurement of the frequency of those waves in that span of distance.  Electromagnetic current for example, spirals around a straight long wire.  Those spirals is what the spirals of a resonance coil will resemble, which controls the frequency and also the voltage, because it simulates a longer distance of travel, but compressed into a shorter span interval.  So a thousand feet of wire can be coiled in a 2 foot resonance coil wound around a 2 foot pvc tube; but the overall span of the wave is a thousand feet, and it’s frequency is the number of turns that the wire spirals around the 2 foot long pvc pipe.

At high frequency, from the collapse of an electromagnetic aspect of the wave, an electrostatic current run to a bare metal conductive plate (a charge plate) will not be lethal.  Tesla stood on such plates and his whole body lit up with static discharges but at high frequency, at a million volts, but he was not immediately incinerated, instead it just traveled harmlessly over his skin.   A Van Der Graaf generator, one can touch it and their hair stand straight up, as long as it is not on the ground, so there is not a current running to ground.  Otherwise, a Van Der Graaf generator can emit electrical arcs, between a spark gap, and if you touch those then you get shocked real painfully.  Stun guns use the magneto-electrostatic discharge in such a manner to stun people.  It is derived from the collapse of the electromagnetic wave though.

There’s a difference with the output of a stun gun, versus the output of touching one pole of high voltage on the hollow copper sphere of a Van Der Graaf generator.  I would never touch the output of an induction coil, unless it is run on a wire from the positive output terminal (because it cannot go to ground since the surface charge of the ground is ALSO a positive charge).  Simple enough.  There’s differences involved here with types of current.

Typically speaking though at ultra high frequency, a spark output of a induction coil run through another coil in a monopolar discharge (like how a primary coil induces a secondary Tesla coil — 4 foot coil let’s say — and discharges from the top conductor) demonstrates one pole discharged magneto-electrostatic current, which some people have demonstrated safely touching it while holding one end of a bare metal rod, and touching the other end of the rod to the discharge.

​Monopolar discharge:  


Look at the setup.  There’s a little coil of wire winding around the tall coil of the console.  That little coil of wire of only a few windings connects to the DC induction coil.

That is a DC induction coil, not AC …  it’s wrong in the picture.

If the coil is connected in one polarity, the static discharge is on top toward the ceiling.  If it is connected in the other polarity, the floor gets charged instead.

Monopolar discharge is the movement of an electrostatic buildup in the console, and in the long coil, to push that energy either up, or down.  If down, it’s spread out along the floor due to the conductive floor plate.  If on top, it can spread from suspended conductors, and even do so wirelessly from conductor to conductor (each conductor is a hollow metal sphere, or shape), like how lightning travels from cloud to cloud.

Chances are if you are standing barefoot on the ground, and you touch the top output, it travels through you to the ground, if it is in a negative polarity out the top, because negative charge attracts to positive charge, and the ground is a positive charge.  Normally, except in artificially created conditions where you can charge the ground with a negative charge by pushing that energy in one way, overcoming the ground charge.  Sometimes lightning can do this, and completely neutralize the ground charge where all the residential houses are grounded to for their return current pathways to travel, and knock out electricity for as long as that lightning bolt is discharging to the ground.

A car battery for example….    If you connect the battery charger in the wrong polarity, all of the interior lights may stop working due to a counter-opposed charge to the battery (in older cars this will happen).

Negative energy:

Negative energy is harder to explain because it can take various forms of energy, but you know it’s negative energy by some characteristics, like for example over-unity output, or not being shocked as Tesla did in his mysterious setup (which I do not recommend trying) …   As a note here, flyback output from the collapse of an electromagnet at very ultra high frequencies will appear as a thin whispy type of plasma, not as lightning, but only in certain conditions is it harmless.  Observe safety precautions.

​The only way I’ve been able to understand it is to map out it’s patterns of behavior, of action, of geometry, etc.

To this end, I will have to publish some material regarding negative energy with diagrams and schematics and stuff and experimental results and validation; otherwise it is described all throughout this website.

I do want to make note of scalar wave transmission of electrostatic current as being a representation of negative energy.  This is a paradoxical type of energy, with exotic characteristics, and can be either electrostatic, or magneto-electrostatic mostly.  As electromagnetic energy, it will induce electrostatic fields particularly involving Tesla systems and Bedini systems, built on the Earth surface or in portable systems, and is reactionless and overunity in its characteristics, and can be very difficult to directly measure, but must be measured through indirectness, AND is capable of wireless transfer of power without any loss of current, and usually there will be a build-up of current as it travels in resonance — Point A to Point B, and at Point B the output is higher than the input at point A.  ….

I will have to come out with some separate publications, as I’ve said repeatedly (including OTC-X1 hard data, possibly, except for videos which will be openly shared), otherwise this article summarizes the information in this website, to make it easier to understand in one little simple article.  Other articles on the Construction blog like “Negative Energy Characteristics” goes into more detail; however this one article should at least clear some things up, and be a quick reference for clarity’s sake.

In addition:  Bedini Negative Energy:

Last thing I should do is “mansplain” the Bedini energy.  It is considered a universal power source, able to power small electronics, large electronics, electronic control systems, each with their unique required input volts and amps.

The thing is, the Bedini energy is high voltage!  But, it’s derived from flyback from the collapse of electromagnetic fields in coils.  Even at high voltage, this energy is able to charge batteries at low voltage (high volts will charge 12 volt batteries at 12 volts — weird, huh?), and operate electronics and charge small batteries like cell phone batteries, while keeping the circuits and components cold (not overheating);  electronics LOVE this energy.

It’s a weird energy type and fits within the realm of negative energy types due to its overunity characteristics and other characteristics such as cold energy.

Energy gets hot in an electromagnet when the electromagnet pulses — filling the coil with a field, collapsing a field, forming the field, collapsing the field, forming it, collapsing it, etc.   The way the electromagnet gets hot is on the forming of the field cycle, not upon the collapsing of the field cycle, although when the field collapses, it does not cool the electromagnet.

​The MVP pulse generator is our current overunity basis of technology, capable of running a load and simultaneously charging back up its battery, and charging a bank of 10 batteries in the process, and running inverters.  So the MVP is running from a battery, charging back up it’s own run battery, and charging 10 more batteries, and running two inverters, and a battery charger, and an electric drill, and still charges its system without depleting any energy.

The overall output wattage in all these terms is greater than 15 times the input voltage.  Running the self-looping circuit, two inverters, a charger, this is NOT INCLUDED in the output rating of 15 times over unity.

This flyback voltage has unique properties, and again, fits into the realm of negative energy characteristics.

If it’s able to run electronics, then it’s able to form an electromagnet from it’s flyback voltage.  This means it’s a very good power source for the OTC-X1 and the LAU-X4.

The MVP requires considerable amount of research in order to understand it.  There are several articles on this website where it is featured.  Look through the website.  Find what is here.

A lot of people get stuck on terminology, like “high volt current”  or …  “flyback current”  versus “electromagnetic current.”  These describe the characteristics of current and types of energy.  Some people even get confused on “12 volt amps” versus “120 volt amps.”  ….

Watts are volts X amps.  12 volts X 10 amps is 120 watts.  10 amps, wow!  That’s like able to run a small space heater or toaster!  NO!   Not at 12 volts.   Let’s put it to you this way:  120 volts X 1 amp is 120 watts — SAME WATTAGE AS BEFORE.  1 amp?  Well that can’t do anything but run a few light bulbs!  …   So this is why I make it known what kind of amps, at what voltage, because if someone is saying that their generator puts out a lot of amps, then that is not enough information to go by, because amps can be weak or strong.  If someone says their system puts out a lot of volts, that is not enough information because volts can be high but the current MAY only be in milliamps.

Those not experienced in building solar and wind hybrid systems, backup systems and whatnot, don’t really appreciate why I like to make such distinctions.

Don’t be too left-brained imbalanced!  Use that right creative / abstract brain hemisphere in balance — right and left balance — to understand things that are plane to see, and obvious.

When I say “electrostatic current” — an electrostatic field versus an electric field that can be run on a wire — don’t think that I am making this statement out of ignorance!   I am denoting the difference between energy types!  Electrostatic current versus electric current are different energy types with different characteristics!

I HAVE to make these clarifications known because you have not built a Tesla tower radiant energy system and have not experienced these weird Tesla energy types that I have, and that those working with me have also experienced.

A low volt and low volt current that creates a massive static field is a real thing that makes your hair stand up on end, but you cannot measure what is causing that massive static field — this is what Tesla had claimed as well, and why his Wardenclyffe project was shut down by J.P. Morgan — because if the energy could not be metered, then MONEY could not be charged for usage!

Another thing people think I’m being ignorant about is when I talk about an electrostatic field that can be run on a wire as an electric current, and yet shows no sign of any type of electromagnetic wave.  It can be run on a wire through an electromagnet, to a distant point, and still measure the voltage of the origin point, but not be able to form an electromagnetic field.

In come cases, if the surface charge of the Earth has been conditioned for electromagnetic flows, then this CAN happen and an electromagnet CAN form, but the conditioning of the Earth surface in an area is sometimes natural, and sometimes it takes the use of polarized grounding rods in a Tesla tower system to condition the Earth surface charge (polarization is achieved in the same ways Earth batteries are used).

People say no, this cannot happen, there cannot exist an electric current without a magnetic aspect to it.

LOL  I just don’t know what to tell those people.  I have used multiple ways to make sure of this, that is *IS* real.

Also people look for math.  They think well, if there is no math, then it’s not real.  Okay ..  so then help me figure out the math, by helping me figure out the relations of energies involved, WHILE TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION that some of this energy CANNOT EVEN BE MEASURED ON A METER, but yet you can MOST DEFINITELY FEEL IT!!!!!   …  which they say, “well all it’s doing is making an ionization field” which is really odd because if it’s not making electroMAGNETIC current, how is it ionizing anything???

Not only can this energy be physically felt as a static field, but it can be recorded visually on a camera!  The camera is a type of measuring instrument in this case, but it does nothing to tell us of any electromagnetic characteristics.  I have not yet tried putting a solar cell in an energy force field, however, to check to see what it’s doing…   I didn’t even consider that until just now, that photonic energy may also have a static field to it.


On the Tesla Engineering Physics page, I have shown that this energy can be photographed.  I’ll show it again, here:

Regarding this photograph:

There is a wire in the foreground, a rope actually which was my dog-run line.

There is a tall resonance coil on the left side of the picture.  It is held up by three guy-wires (ropes) in a tripod type of support.

Now …   Do you see all those little wires that stretch from the left tall resonance coil to the big Tesla tower?  See them all?  They’re all in parallel.  Well guess what.   THOSE ARE NOT WIRES.  THAT IS ENERGY, AND THERE IS AN ENERGY FORCE FIELD WALL BETWEEN THE LEFT TALL RESONANCE COIL AND THE COILS IN THE TESLA TOWER.

You can also see a violet colored energy orb in the lower part of the Tesla tower below the first floor platform.

​There is also some horizontal framing about 2/3s up between the ground and the first floor platform which is what supports the safety cage I had around the whole bottom section.

​The violet-colored orb is harder to see, but it’s bottom portion engulfs the smaller squirrel cage on the smaller resonance coil and goes to just above the top of the first floor platform.

​These things are fairly difficult to see, but my friends and I marveled over being able to physicall feel this energy force field wall, along with an energy static corridor going from big tower all the way down to the lake edge, and going from the big tower up to my house where I had a small stack of capacitor plates for my console ground (either field grounded, or direct grounded, to play with those differences).

The grass, when not mowed would bend in a nice circular arc 90 degrees to grow into the cage to touch the field coils of the Tesla tower lower coils.  That also boosted the voltage in fact, and took me a while to realize that the grass was a type of pure radiant energy “wire.”  So these energy flows were present and observable in nature, and in many different ways; and also the animals responded sometimes to the energy, and even at the same instant I clipped the tower lead to the brass ground rod.   Sometimes when I did that, dead tree limbs would drop all throughout the forest, at the same instant I grounded the tower, even on sunny days, JUST LIKE IT DOES right before a thunderstorm comes by.  If you’ve lived all your life in a city, you would not understand the natural ways of nature.

So again, when I say “electrostatic current” I don’t want to say “electric current” because people would then think that it is an electromagnetic current; even when electric field lines run in parallel, while magnetic field lines run in transverse (at 90 degrees), people do not understand that these energy forms can be separated and isolated.  So when I say “electrostatic current” I’m also noting the origin of where and how the electric current is derived, whereas I also interchangeably use “pure electrostatic” and “radiant electrical” and such ALSO to denote these energy types.

I’m not coming from ignorance when I make these claims that anyone is able to duplicate on their own, and is what was originally claimed by Tesla.

These types of electrical parallel and longitudinal energies are scalar energies, which fit in the category of negative energy characteristics.

This Article is mostly a reprint from:  www.warp-drive-physics.com
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UFO Disclosure
Ancient Civilizations
True World History
Black Op Projects & DoD Disclosed
Whistleblower Testimony
Self-Empowerment & Vibrational Tuning
Chakra Activations
Sound Immersions
The Didgeridoo Experience
The Gong Experience
Extraterrestrial Races & Awareness
Where We Came From
Advanced Technology
Plant Medicine & Consciousness
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It has become obvious that the official story on the Sphinx in Egypt is a lie.  It has extensive water damage from rain and flooding.  There has not been rain and flooding like that for at least 30,000 years.  And now a Russian Archeology team claims it is even a lot older than that.  Read below:


Geological evidence proves that the Great Sphinx is 800,000 years old

One of the most mysterious and mysterious monuments on the surface of the planet is, without a doubt, the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. It is an ancient building that has astounded researchers since its discovery and to this day no one has been able to date the sphinx accurately, as there are no written records or mentions of it in the past.

Now two Ukrainian researchers have put forward a new provocative theory in which they suggest that the Great Sphinx of Egypt is about 800,000 years old. A revolutionary theory supported by scientific knowledge.

The authors of this paper are scientists Manichev Vjacheslav I. (Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and Alexander G. Parkhomenko (Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).

The starting point for these two experts is the paradigm shift initiated by West and Schoch, a “debate” to overcome the orthodox view of Egyptology, which refers to possible distant origins of Egyptian civilization, and on the other hand physical evidence of water erosion that is present at the monuments of the Giza Plateau.

Manichev and Parkhomenko explain: The problem of dating the construction of the Great Sphinx of Egypt still exists despite the long history of research. Geological approaches in conjunction with other scientific methods make it possible to answer the question of the relative age of the Sphinx.

The visual examination of the sphinx led to the conclusion that water from large waters, which partially flooded the monument, played an important role in the formation of undulating depressions on its vertical walls. The morphology of these formations shows an analogy to similar cavities formed by the sea in the coastal zones.

The genetic similarity of the compared erosion forms and the geological structure and petrographic composition of the sedimentary rock complexes lead to the conclusion that the decisive factor for the destruction of the historical monument is rather the wave energy than the sand abrasion in the aeolian process.

Extensive geological literature confirms the existence of long-lived freshwater lakes in different periods of the Quaternary from the Lower Pleistocene to the Holocene. These lakes were scattered over the areas bordering the Nile. The absolute marking of the upper large erosion cave of the sphinx corresponds to the water surface level reached in the early Pleistocene. The Great Egyptian Sphinx had thus already stood on the Giza plateau at this geological (historical) time.

This article was for the most a reprint from www.disclose.tv

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Jeff Woolwine is a well known UFO researcher, and have studied the UFO activity in the Phoenix Arizona area for almost 30 years.  “The Phoenix Lights” are still going on.  He has found an ancient cave under “South Mountain”, where there is an entrance to it, and there are people living down there.  Get the story, right here.



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I have a source where I have obtained the Longitude and Latitude of buildings and structures on our Moon and on Mars, where the “Secret Space Program” and the “Inter planetary Corporate Conglomerate” is operating.  Go to “Google Earth”, “Google Moon” and “Google Mars”, and find the locations you see below here.  Most of the pictures brought back from our Moon and Mars are very clear.  If it is not, it is because NASA have smudged them over to cover up some of the images in it.


Have a look here, from the Moon:

ON MOON:  Inter Planetary Corporate Conglomerate head Quarter:

26 Deg. 39 Min. 16.11 Sec. North  – – 13 Deg. 29 Min. 35.97 Sec. W

Dark Fleet Primary Base:  25 – 40 – 02.14 N  – –  21 – 12 – 05.42 W

Space Program Research Lab:  85 – 11 – 29.58 S  – –  178 – 22 – 34.98 W

Space Port Docking Facility:  75 – 27 – 40.90 S  – –  132 – 49 – 17.15 E

Lunar Space Operation (Military): 83 – 48 – 59.26 S  – –  118 – 30 – 06.85 E

Moon Space Landing Port:  43 – 31 – 45.37 S  – –  11 – 18 – 01.53 W

Moon Mining Operation:  22 – 33 – 30.83 S  – –  95 – 15 – 33.49 E

ON MARS (Google Mars):


Large Manufacturing Base of ships:  62 – 20 – 13.43 N  – –  142 – 11 – 38.35 E

Mars Colony:  72 – 23 – 54.85 N  – –  164 – 21 – 33.49 E

Mars Colony:  48 – 13 – 32.38 N  – –  139 – 29 – 04.55 E

Weapons Testing Facility:  15 – 21 – 00.38 S  – –  108 – 23 – 05.56 W

Weapons Testing Facility:  29 – 26 – 41.26 N  – –  106 – 28 – 04.05 W

Mars Base:  26 – 38 – 20.95 N  – –  76 – 55 – 18.16 W

Mars Base:  61 – 07 – 22.47 N  – –  10 – 42 – 17.49 W

Mars Base:  03 – 57 – 31.94 N  – –  111 – 09 – 46.95 W

Mars Base:  08 – 59 – 39.52 S  – –  115 – 40 – 29.16 W

Mars Base:  20 – 06 – 24.86 S  – –  107 – 36 – 25.83 W

Mars Base:  08 – 50 – 56.38 S  – –  87 – 53 – 59.81 W

Mars Base:  41 – 38 – 37.23 N  – –  44 – 21 – 14.97 E

Mars Base:  17 – 32 – 15.91 N  – –  68 – 46 – 53.36 W

Mars Base:  09 – 44 – 03.05 S  – –  103 – 03 – 28.71 W

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For decades, the world has questioned the space exploration narrative propounded by NASA. While this is not widely known, NASA is essentially a military organization, which means that this agency could protect sensitive information under the guise of defending national security. While the evidence seems to suggest that NASA did indeed send human beings to the Moon, many of the pictures taken on the Moon are said to have been faked or altered, and NASA has also altered images and video taken from the ISS.

In 2002, Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA’s computer systems, and the data that he found seems to corroborate the supposition that this government agency is hiding information from the public.[1] McKinnon uncovered pictures of UFOs that had been edited out of satellite imagery, flight manifests for spacecraft that didn’t officially exist, and lists of military officers involved in extraterrestrial operations. Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the Moon, has reported encountering an L-shaped UFO, and this space veteran also drew attention to an artificially constructed monolith on Mars’s moon Phobos during a startling C-SPAN interview.

On multiple nights in the summer of 1952, dozens of UFOs circled over the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Who piloted these craft, who hid the information that Gary McKinnon found, and who put that monolith on Phobos? There’s a mystery here waiting to be discovered, and in the following list, we will explore some of the purported secret space programs whose personnel may hold the answers. Extraordinary Languages That Do Not Involve Speaking.


10 Solar Warden

When Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA’s hard drives, some of the information he found was related to a black budget program known as Solar Warden.[2] This program supposedly came into existence in tandem with the “Star Wars” space defense initiative, and McKinnon came across information that seemed to indicate that the operation consisted of eight enormous motherships and approximately 40 smaller vessels.

Supposed secret space program insider William Tompkins claims to have helped develop the vessels used in the Solar Warden fleet. Tompkins was apparently inducted into classified aerospace think tanks before he even graduated high school, due to his stunning proficiency at building models of naval ships. Throughout his career, Tompkins received telepathic information, including blueprints, from benevolent extraterrestrials who wanted us to be able to defend ourselves.

According to the independent testimony of multiple insiders, a treaty was made in the 1950s between malevolent ETs, represented by breakaway Nazis, and the Eisenhower administration. In exchange for live human subjects to use for biological materials, these aliens would guarantee the military supremacy of the United States. Strict quotas were set to ensure that only a small number of humans would be abducted. It quickly became apparent, however, that the ETs were not sticking to their end of the bargain.

Solar Warden was developed as a form of interplanetary border control to stop malevolent aliens from stealing more humans than they were allotted. Developed in the 1960s and 1970s and deployed in 1980, Solar Warden is one of earliest secret space programs. As international corporate interests became aware of the potential profits available from interacting with ETs, however, another program was soon developed.


9 Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC)

Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” division has a penchant for secrecy. The existence of the F-117A stealth fighter was kept secret for nearly ten years until the eve of the Gulf War. Though the existence of the SR-71 Blackbird is well-known, insider Edgar Rothschild Fouche claims that Lockheed has developed secret planes all the way up to SR-75. Some of these aircraft are apparently capable of speeds in excess of Mach 10.

Various insiders claim that Skunk Works has also made spacecraft capable of reaching other worlds. These witnesses to the secret space programs claim that Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, and various non-aerospace corporations all joined together to form an organization called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). While the purpose of Solar Warden is the defense of the solar system, the objective of the ICC is trade.[3]

According to secret space program insider Corey Goode, the ICC does trade from their bases on Mars with over 900 extraterrestrial species. Apparently, human beings have a knack for engineering that is valuable to other species that have reached a level of development roughly comparable to our own. These Mars bases are staffed by slaves who were taken from Earth in the 1970s and 1980s, and many of these slaves have now had children who are doomed to a life of abject servitude.

In 2015, the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) held a distinctly odd meeting. Charles Cockell, the event organizer, led his fellow society members in a thought experiment to determine how best to depose a ruthless dictator of a Martian colony. Coincidentally, this event was held within days of Goode revealing the existence of a slave colony on Mars.

Since there are ostensibly no human colonies on Mars to date, it would seem that the BIS should be more concerned with methods for getting human beings to the Red Planet than they should with the potential socioeconomic ramifications of establishing a colony that doesn’t officially exist. Do these British elites know something that we don’t, or are they just incredibly thorough contingency planners?


8 German Breakaway Civilization

In the early 1930s, German occultist Maria Orsic allegedly contacted extraterrestrials while in a trance state. Orsic was a member of the Vril Society, which itself was an offshoot of the Thule Society.[4] Both groups were involved in investigating the origins of the Aryan race, and Orsic supposedly received information on how to build an interstellar spaceship from extraterrestrials from Aldebaran, who claimed to be the progenitors of the Aryans.

While Hitler believed that the Black Sun Society, a group controlled by the SS, had thoroughly infiltrated the Vril and Thule societies, it appears that Orsic had plans other than giving up control of her spacefaring capabilities to the warlike Third Reich. Orsic and her entire group disappeared without a trace in the final days of World War II, leading the occultists that she left behind to believe that she had successfully made the trip to Aldebaran in the ship that the Vril Society had constructed.

The Nazis, however, had other plans in motion for achieving a permanent presence among the stars.



7 The Dark Fleet

While the Vril Society was more interested in peaceful space exploration, the Third Reich had a mind only for conquest. According to over a dozen supposed secret space program insiders, these militaristic ambitions were helped along greatly when the Nazis made contact with an extraterrestrial group called the Draco sometime in the 1930s.

When discerning common threads among the varying testimonies given by mediums, contactees, and insiders, it can be established that the Draco are an interplanetary empire that originated in the vicinity of the Orion constellation. This empire is composed of a variety of different reptilian humanoid species, and the Draco are centrally controlled by a highly advanced artificial intelligence. According to secret space program lore, this artificial intelligence is from a different universe, and its sole purpose is to destroy and conquer all forms of biological life.

Various mediumistic channels, such as the creators of the Law of One book series, indicate that a basic blueprint of human life is encoded into the quantum framework of the galaxy itself. This prototype is transmitted to each star in the galaxy, and each star transmits this program to its planets. Therefore, humanoid life is the norm in at least our galaxy, and this basic “five-star” archetype takes hold in whichever form of life becomes dominant on a given planet.

The purpose of the artificial intelligence that has infested the Draco in the form of nanites is to pervert or invert this sacred image of advanced life that the Christian Bible refers to as the image of God. Secret space program insiders speculate that cultural depictions of the Devil and demons originate from unconscious or lore-based knowledge of the Draco, and the insider community believes that the Draco subsist on something called “loosh.”[5]

“Loosh” is a spiritual energy that is released by humanoid life forms that experience negative emotions or physical pain. Therefore, the elite caste in societies that have been infiltrated by the Draco turn traitor against their own species in order to engineer panoptic prisons that keep their fellow beings enslaved, terrified, ill, and ignorant.

These misanthropic priorities made the Draco and the Nazis a perfect match. The Nazis sought spacefaring capabilities, and the Draco sought a new species to add to their interstellar army. The Draco Empire, though constantly besieged by benevolent extraterrestrials, spans a great deal of territory throughout the galaxy. The Dark Fleet, which is mainly composed of ethnic Germans, is used by the Draco to defend existing territory and conquer new planets in other star systems.

While the Dark Fleet apparently has a sizeable presence here in the Sol System, their main forces are deployed in distant regions of the galaxy, where they join other captured races in the perennial task of expanding the slave empire of beings that many on our world would consider to be demons.


6 Project Moon Shadow

According to alleged secret space program insider Randy Cramer, Project Moon Shadow was a MILAB program designed to train genetically augmented super soldiers.[6] MILAB is a contraction of “military abduction,” and this term refers to a number of projects that were supposedly conducted to obtain and train assets, usually children, for the secret space programs.

Many of these projects assessed the eligibility of sensitive individuals for work as intuitive empaths, which is a position that involves interfacing with extraterrestrials who have evolved beyond the need for vocal utterances. Usually, these naturally born empaths were identified from a distance using reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology.

The developers of Project Moon Shadow, however, genetically engineered embryos from the ground up that were then implanted into unwitting female hosts. These children would be born and live a few normal years before being brought aboard secret space program craft in the dead of night. They would then be flown to the Moon where they would participate in training exercises designed to bring out their latent abilities.

In sharp contrast to other MILAB programs, the training provided in Project Moon Shadow did not involve traumatizing experiences. According to Cramer, Project Moon Shadow consisted of 300 boys and girls who were trained in strategy, agility, and strength. Later, these genetically engineered child soldiers were given live weapons and trained alongside bemused adults.

According to the testimony of insiders such as Corey Goode and Tony Rodriguez, other MILAB programs exposed children to the absolute depths of horror. Children were raped and murdered in front of other children, MILAB participants were put into virtual reality scenarios in which they were pitted against monsters and forced to fight for their lives, and a general worship of occult practices was prevalent. Cramer was spared this hell, but he would soon find himself in a situation nearly as merciless.

5 Mars Defense Force

After his training, Cramer was apparently inducted into a military organization known as the Mars Defense Force (MDF).[7] The MDF was a joint operation created by a number of different Earth governments to guard five burgeoning colonies on Mars. Cramer recollects visiting Aries Prime, which was the first colony built on the Red Planet. He describes this colony as containing a full Earthlike ecosystem complete with farmers, engineers, and bureaucrats.

Cramer reportedly defended these bases from indigenous Martians and other extraterrestrial species. He completed a 17-year tour of duty on Mars before he was reassigned to the Moon for his remaining three years of service.

Like other secret space program assets, Cramer alleges that he was involved in a so-called “20-and-back,” which is a 20-year term of service that each participant agrees to with a litany of consent forms. At the end of this obligation, 20-and-back assets are memory-wiped and age-regressed back to the age they were when they entered the program. They are then sent back in time to a point within minutes of their original date of departure. According to various insiders, only two to five percent of 20-and-back participants ever regain their memories.

4 Global Galactic League Of Nations

It is widely believed in the insider community that the Roswell UFO Incident was indeed an instance of a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. American aerospace contractors and the Nazi scientists involved in Operation Paperclip were tasked with reverse-engineering this craft to produce usable technology. The craft that have been reproduced from the Roswell crash and other similar incidents are known as alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs). The TR-3B is an example of a commonly sighted ARV.

The United States, however, wasn’t the only superpower to find the wreckage of alien craft. According to insider lore, much of the information received by the American military-industrial complex regarding UFOs was transmitted by captured Nazi assets who had helped reverse-engineer ancient Vimana craft that the Vril and Thule societies had found in the Himalayas. These reproduction Vimanas had been operational since the 1930s, giving German scientists a leg up in the UFO game that made them into hotly contested prizes at the end of World War II.

However, the Soviets didn’t need German scientists to tell them all the secrets of extraterrestrial craft. According to various insiders, Stalin found a crashed ship of his own in Siberia that he tasked Soviet scientists to reverse engineer. The result of this initiative was a craft called the Cosmosphere, which caught the attention of American military assets in the early 1950s.[8]

The presence of these one- to three-man flying silver spheres in the skies as the Americans were getting their own fledgling secret space program off the ground ultimately led to the formation of the Global Galactic League of Nations. Russia, China, the United States, and Germany were the core members of this group, but other nations were given token membership in exchange for keeping quiet about the UFO phenomenon. Member nations also agreed to hand over any crashed UFOs to the American or Soviet governments.

According to secret space program insiders, American and Russian assets worked together throughout the entirety of the Cold War despite the narrative that was sold to the masses, and the superpowers of the world continue to collaborate on secret space program agenda items with no concern given to the theatrics regularly employed to keep the people of the world entertained and distracted.

3 Earth Alliance

Various insiders have revealed that highly sensitive information pertaining to extraterrestrials and the secret space programs is habitually disclosed in the form of fiction. In this way, the social engineers who have erected this monumental lie are able to accuse anyone who comes forward with the truth as misconstruing fiction with reality or stealing their ideas from TV shows. Plus, it’s true that reality is stranger than fiction, and strangeness sells.

It appears this obfuscatory tactic was undertaken to cover the tracks of the Earth Alliance. In the television show Babylon 5, the Earth Alliance is an open confederation of human governments that was formed to protect the planet. According to insider lore, the real Earth Alliance serves a similar function, but its actions are accomplished sub rosa.

The Earth Alliance arose in opposition to what most insiders call the Cabal. This name was chosen because the members of the Cabal prefer to call themselves the Illuminati, which means the “illuminated ones.” According to the Earth Alliance, however, this group is not illuminated at all and has in fact been responsible for casting the denizens of our planet into a dark pit of disease, war, political disenfranchisement, civic unawareness, and wage slavery. The Cabal has been controlled by the Draco for centuries, and it is this alliance that is responsible for the commonly made connection between occult practices and “Devil worship.”

The Earth Alliance has been working in the shadows to undo the Cabal’s efforts to plunge humanity into an eternal darkness of massive depopulation and open technocratic rule. Members of the Earth Alliance have infiltrated the militaries of the United States, China, Russia, and other countries, and insider Corey Goode has unequivocally stated that the Earth Alliance has supported President Donald Trump since the beginning of his candidacy.

Bestselling author Jerome Corsi has expanded on this point by relaying that factions in the US military recruited Donald Trump to run for president of the United States with their assurances that any efforts to rig the election would be nullified. This position has been confirmed by the anonymous intel source “QAnon” that many believe to be comprised of the same members of military intelligence that got Trump elected.

As soon as Donald Trump was elected president, the Earth Alliance began operations across the globe designed to root out and destroy Cabal influence once and for all. USMC troops flooded into underground facilities hidden below FEMA camps and eliminated Draco operatives. A secret military tribunal was established, and over 25,000 sealed indictments have been filed at PACER.gov since October 2017.

The Earth Alliance showed its true strength when a small fleet of Dark Fleet craft attempted to leave the planet from their hiding place in Antarctica. Before this event, no one knew that the Earth Alliance had developed their own secret space program, but apparently a fleet of fighter-size spacecraft appeared from nowhere and inflicted critical damage on the fleeing Dark Fleet ships. As the Earth Alliance continues to perform operations on and below the Earth’s surface to free mankind from Cabal and Draco rule, it seems that they have also been inducted into the brotherhood of the secret space programs.[9]

2 Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program

While the members of the Earth Alliance, the Global Galactic League of Nations, and even the Cabal all agree that the secrets of the clandestine space programs, extraterrestrial contact, and suppressed technologies should be disclosed to the people of the world, there is some contention over how this feat should be accomplished.

The Cabal wants to release this information over the course of generations. They are attempting to gradually engineer global society into a state in which this sort of revelation would only cement the role of the Cabal as absolute and eternal overlords over mankind. The Earth Alliance wants full disclosure to occur now so that humanity can reap the benefits of free or zero-point energy, superluminal spaceflight, and advanced medical technologies, but they are fully aware that such a divulgence would entirely crash the current global economic system and engender total worldwide chaos until a new order could be established.

The Earth Alliance and the Cabal both intend to use a third faction known as the Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP) as a stepping stone toward full disclosure.[10] On page 334 of The Reagan Diaries, it is revealed that President Reagan had been briefed on June 11, 1985, on the American space program’s capability of putting 300 people in orbit. It goes without saying that such a figure would be ludicrous to consider even today on the basis of publicly revealed information.

However, it appears that black budget programs within the Air Force have been developing clandestine aerospace vehicles for at least the last 30 years. According to various insiders, films like The Avengers series have served as orchestrated facets in the effort to gradually acclimate the public to the existence of suppressed technology. This practice of seeding hidden truths into mass media productions is called predictive programming, and it is also apparently used by the Cabal to hijack our co-creative consciousness to bring about deleterious situations.

Even the most elevated members of the MIC SSP have no idea what is truly going on in the cosmos. They have limited bases on the Moon, Mars, and in Earth orbit, but they have no contact with extraterrestrials and believe that their level of knowledge is the absolute truth. It is believed that releasing information on clandestine aircraft such as the TR-3B and flying aircraft carriers could prime the public for further disclosures of a more expansive nature.

The Cabal also intends to ignite this disclosure process if they ever feel their rule to be severely threatened, which has led many to believe that recent disclosure efforts enacted by Tom DeLonge and various high-level aerospace and military personnel have been a front for the psychological warfare operations of an increasingly cornered Cabal.

1 Secret Space Program Alliance

According to numerous secret space program insiders, the Earth Alliance has a counterpart beyond the terrestrial sphere. This organization is known as the Secret Space Program Alliance (SSP Alliance), and it is comprised of a variety of constituent members such as Solar Warden, the ICC, and the Global Galactic League of Nations. Though the SSP Alliance is composed almost entirely of members that spend most of their time off-planet, this organization is still highly involved in Earthly affairs.

The SSP Alliance represents the top of the totem pole in the secret space program hierarchy. This group has been afforded a seat at the so-called Super Federation, which is composed of over 60 extraterrestrial species that have been conducting experiments on Earth’s human, animal, and plant life. The SSP Alliance has also made contact with the Galactic Federation, which is composed of hundreds of different benevolent extraterrestrial races.[11]

This organization has also had contact with a society of hyper-advanced human beings who live under the Earth’s surface in vast climate-controlled chambers capable of supporting human life. This society is composed of multiple groups that have branched off from the natural development of human life on Earth, and the lead group, known as the Anshar, claim to have traveled back in time from our future in order to maintain an ideal timeline.

The SSP Alliance essentially holds the reins of the various benevolent secret space programs that operate in and around the Sol System. This group desperately wants humanity to gain access to information and technologies that have been hidden by the Cabal, and many within the SSP Alliance are actively preparing mankind to ride the wave of enhanced consciousness that these societal changes will bring.

Though belief systems regarding this event vary within the SSP Alliance. Most members believe that an upcoming electromagnetic shift in solar dynamics will actuate a quantum leap in human awareness. It is widely believed that the latent talents inherent to human consciousness have been willfully suppressed by malign actors, and the members of the SSP Alliance have united to sweep away this vestigial husk of corruption and usher in a new golden age for all of mankind.

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