TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL AT ANYTHING, LEARN FROM THE ONES WHO HAS DONE IT SUCCESSFUL BEFORE.  Business is like a mine field.  That is why I have the saying:  “When you go through a mine field, follow someone with bigger shoes than you”.  That is why I wrote this book:  “Universal Success principles and How Billionaires Think”.  In here are the principles and techniques of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world.

Here are some of those principles by J. Paul Getti, Warren Buffett, and other Ultra wealthy and Successful people:

There are only 3 ways to make big money:

  1.  Trading time for money.
  2.  Investments
  3.  Duplication of time

Things you need to do: 

  1.  Know what you want
  2.  Know what you are willing to give up, temporarily, to get what you want
  3.  Associate with Positive Successful people who are willing to help you get what you want
  4.  Plan your work, work your plan and never take your eyes of your goal
  5. Delegate and do not become a “workaholic”

Principles by which to create great wealth:

  1.  You must be in Private Business
  2.  Be in a demand item or service
  3.  Out-service the competition
  4.  Guarantee your product or service 100 %, no question asked
  5.  Pay on Performance, not by title alone
  6.  True Success is only available through the Success and satisfaction of others

Consideration for an ideal business:

  1.  Unlimited potential
  2.  Paid what I am worth
  3.  Continues income
  4.  Tax advantages
  5.  Must be fun
  6.  Can create Financial Freedom

You need 3 different types of goals:

  1.  Short range goal (hours – days – weeks)
  2.  Medium range goals (weeks – months)
  3. Long range goals (months – years – lifetime)

A goal is only a Dream until you put a date on it.  That date should not be a calendar date, but a Time Coded Event (like birthday – Christmas – end of the year etc.).  Have your goals written down and review them every day. Visualize what you want in colorful pictures, with emotion, gratitude for already having it (even if you do not), see others enjoying it with you, inject the feeling of LOVE in it.

If you read the book above 3 times, and start practicing what is in it, your life will never be the same.

I wish you well, and stay in touch.