HERE IS MY INTERVIEW ON: “Late Night In The Midlands” with Michael Vara.  This is one of my best shows.  We covered just about “every corner of the Universe”, from the German Flying Saucers, The Break-Away Society and their bases on the Moon, Pyramids – Hangars – Buildings – Green vegetation on the Moon and the NASA Prints to proove it, The NOBEL Price was given to 3 doctors which discovered an Enzyme that Reverses the Aging process – and no one seems to know about it,  the real Power of the Mind, Experiments that prove everything is connected and even Plants have Consciousness, How to create the future you like to have before you have to live it and more.  Click below, lean back, put your feet up and listen. 

Please enjoy:

And if you want “The Rest of the Story”,  you should consider reading the book: “Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking and How to Access the Universal Consciousness”.  You will find it here: