Would you like to have a peak at it?  Much of the information mankind so sorely need to advance has been witheld from us, and half of what we have been taugth, shown and know, is WRONG.

Here is a book which was written after a “download” of Universal knowledge into my mind, and I try to back up as much as possible by science, discoveries and Quantum Physics.  You will know what the obscure Roman and other non-Biblical records say about what “Jesus” actually looked like – – How Time Travel is possible – – The science behind Ascension – – How  to take pictures of “Ghosts” every time – – What are you – – Why are you here – – The Self-Aware Universal Consciousness explained in simple terms – – How to Reverse the Aging process {yes, the Nobel Price was given for its discovery and it is simple} – – How to design your future in your mind before you have to “live” it – – Who wrote the Bible and why – – The Real Power of the Mind – – What is Heaven – – What happens after “death” – – Who is “GOD” – – and many more of the questions all of us have asked at one time.

This is a “One Of A Kind Book”, so if you like to know more about your existence and the universe, This Is For You.  Go to:  www.Amazon.com  Put my name { Aage Nost } in the search bar, and that will bring up the book.  Click the picture again, and you are there.  Go and read the customer reviews on the botton of the left side of the page.  All 5 Stars.

Good luck on your journey.