MANY OF US have been known for giving the doctors and the medical profession a “bad wrap” for giving out toxic poisons for removal of symptoms instead of real Cures.  Still, doctors and hospitals have their place.  If I brake my leg, I will go and see a doctor.  I have no need for an Herbalist, Aroma therapy or Vitamin “C”.

If you have a health problem, you should read the rest of this.  It is our responsibility to educate ourselves so we know what is best for our body and mind.  There is a place we can go to start researching what works by Holistic Natural Medicine.  What we find, we should apply to our life, and things will change.   Check out these web sites.  They talk about something that can remove the cause for CANDIDA, reversing DIABETES, why we need to use natural sweetener and the list goes on . . . . . .

Go to www.naturodoc.com and  www.owndoc.com