Look at Government.  It is all Teamwork, and all of what they do is laid out in writing in manuals with no room for independent thinking.  There is no Brilliance there.  Everything they do may work great for Government, but pretty much always is a failure for the people.

Look in Random House Dictionary, Second Edition, Unabridged for the definition of Bureaucrat.  It is:  “One who work in repetitious ways without intelligent thinking”.

Team work has its place.  If you are rowing a 20 foot long boat in a competition, you need team work.  If you are in business and like to grow and be prosperous, you need a Visionary at the helm who understand the Mind, Brain-storming, and how Brilliant ideas are harvested from the deeper Mind.  Too much harmony and team work can kill creativity.  Big business is built by men and woman who disagree, and the fact is that “When two men always agree, only one of them is thinking”.  Or worse yet, only one of them is necessary.  Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were totally different in their style and personality.  They brainstormed and argued almost every day, but they combined their strengths.  Steve Jobs was the visionary salesman and Wozniak was the genius inventor.  This was the key to Apple’s successful DNA.  In the creative part of the company, they often Brainstorm every day.  A small group of people get together and start “Freewheeling” by throwing ideas on the table to solve an issue.  They do this for 20 minutes and take a break. Everything is recorded and reviewed by everyone afterwards, to extract the good ideas and get them implemented.

There have been reviews of quantitative studies showing that often teams are more creative when they are restricted in their resources (for example, people, time and money).  Also, teams that are expressing disagreements, expressing  different views, and have a certain amount of tension, often turn out to be more innovative.  It is proven that when teams and organizations enjoy too much harmony, they will gravitate toward inaction and complacency. Clayton Christensen noted 20 years ago in the book The Innovator’s Dilemma, will breed decline and extinction.  Look what happened to Kodak, Blackberry and Blockbuster.  They were great companies to work for, with little pressure.

Being happy with the status quo is a sure way to escape creativity. Any significant innovation in the history of civilization was the product of someone who was dissatisfied with the way it was.  People who are happy with the way things are, never go out and disrupt the existing harmony.

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