YES, THE FREQUENCY OF 432 HERTZ can do amazing things to help your meditation and connecting you to the Universal Consciousness.  This has been experimented with a great deal, and have gained some enormous results. Master Monk Xu has helped put together a Recording that has the 432 Hz. Frequency embedded in it to help us reach this higher state of Consciousness.  It is best to listen while in Meditation or Quiet Contemplation.  Expect visions and brilliant ideas while in this Meditation, because it will help bring you to the frequency of the Higher Mind, where the “magic” is.  Try to empty your mind, so you do not block what is coming back from the Universal Mind.  When you listen, all the smaller individual recordings will run as one.  I set it up as a background sound while I work on other things, and I feel I have better intuition and a better flow of words when I write.  You will have your own experiences. Have fun, and – – tell us about it !!

Yes, there is no charge, but please send them a donation – it shows Gratitude !