HERE IS MY RECENT RADIO INTERVIEW on “The Leakproject” with Rex Bear.

HERE IS A PHOTO TAKEN BY Robert van den Broeke in Holland. He takes pictures of UFOs, Aliens, dead people, was even given artifacts by some Aliens who came in a space ship to visit him. I interviewed him on our Radio show. Phenomenal story. Here you can listen to the show:

Yes, the Secret Space Program and the Alien Presence and Alien visitation has been announced by NASA officials and members of Congress, but no one talks about it.
This Video seems to be doing well. 47,000 views on Youtube, besides everywhere else on the internet. We expect
it to be heard by 500,000 by now. It will be 500,001 if you listen. You will enjoy it.
Here is some interesting “stuff” about Disclosure, the Moon, Mars, and our “Reality”.
Senator Mike Gravel even said: “Something is monitoring the planet and they are monitoring it very cautiously”