FROM TIME TO TIME WE WILL POST ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING involving the world we are “living” in, and from the worlds we are not “living” in.  This is not a Scientific forum.  Much of it will be Scientific and researched to our satisfaction to be true and correct, but use common sense and verify for yourself.  With the capabilities of “Photoshop” and other “Fake News Creating Mediums”, it is easy to get fooled into believing something that is not so.  This News Forum is a place of Wonder, Curiocity, and intended to stretch your mind and wake you up to the fact that you may be “living” in a Holographic “make believe” world where half of what you have learned and read, are lies placed before you to control you and profit from you.

So, spend some time and resources to educate yourself.  Later – – you will be glad you did.  Remember my saying: “The illiterate of the rest of this century will not be the ones who does not know how to read, but the ones who are unwilling to relearn the things they thought was true – but was not”.

Start with watching this Trailer: