THESE ARE THE “SECRETS”  which have created unbelievable wealth and success, known by only the few.  There are hundreds of books out there showing you how to become a Millionaire.  I have not found one book showing you how to think like a Billionaire, and implement the business principles, concepts, techniques and procedures they use.  Billionaires think different, act different, and are working from different principles than most other people do.  These principles works at every level of business, so we should all all use their system of thinking and doing.  These principles are just as effective in other areas, for organizations, groups, for managers, successful family relationships and just about every part of our life.  Scroll down in the posts on this Blog, and you will see some of their Habits, Principles they live by and Mind techniques they use.  If you are serious about succeeding, “plow” through the book once so you understand the concepts and the deeper thinking.  After you have done that, read it again – loud to yourself –  and take notes.  Something happens when you read loud to yourself and take notes.  It gets recorded in several places in the brain and the mind at the same time.  Than read it the third time, while you underline and highlight the text.  After that, you should get in touch with me.  To the best of my ability, we should talk, because by than you will know what to do – – .

You will find the book at: