THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE is not easy to analyze, but it is all based in Science:

We have 3 sciences:

1: Physical Science, – – everything you see around you

2: Mental Science, Photographic Memory – Telepathy – Hypnosis – – –

3: Spiritual Science, Manifestation – joining with the Universal Consciousness – –

This book explain the mechanics of:  Time travel, Ascension, Immortality, Karma, the meaning of life, how to take pictures of “ghosts”, how to design your future, why prayer mostly go unanswered, Universal Success Principles, who was “Jesus”, what did “Jesus” look like, who created the Bible and why, Universal Consciousness, the real Power of the Mind, Telepathy, what is “Heaven”, and a lot more.  The title of the book is:  “SPIRITUAL SCIENCE, HIGHER CONSCIOUS THINKING AND HOW TO ACCESS THE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS”.   Check it out on Amazon here: